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Jimanze Ego-Alowes is an independent scholar, with a focus on power, its nature, distributions and implications for stability in social or political systems.

This has led to a string of 7 books, each x-raying one or various aspects of the power conundrum. Many of these books are now considered as path-breaking for their insights and enjoy critical successes. For instance, according to The Guardian, Lagos: ”Ego-Alowes is a master of mercurial logic… he brings innovative, faultless, cutting-edge erudition to bear on his thesis.”

And for the respected economist, Dr. Boniface Chizea: Ego-Alowes shares an uncommon and thought-provoking perspective on the subject matter which is at once refreshing, enthralling and fundamental. Some of the assertions had an effect on me as that of coming into a sudden awareness and realization of some of the facts regarding the existential realities of Nigeria.

Jimanze, educated at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, is also a businessman, with a speciality in strategy and public relations. Jimanze lives with his family in Lagos.





About is in the mission of asking what exactly is wrong with Africa and Africans. And this, in cultural and developmental terms. canvasses: that it’s ”breaking news” insights, rather than leadership, that goes more than half the way to provide solutions to any problems of cultural and economic underdevelopment.

For, Africa suffers one singular failure. It is the failure of scholarship. African scholars have so routinely failed, that they are now passing the buck to political leaders. it is important to the state, makes a distinction, between artistry and scholarship. As facts show the contributions of Africans in scholarship, even if not the arts, is, to put it mildly, negligible. contends that for people to develop, they must contribute as much to science as any of their competitors. For, this unwelcome and embarrassing deficit of scientific and analytic contributions must be made whole. is thus a project to reverse this order of contributory failures. In other words, we shall first alert ourselves to these embarrassing failures and suggest ways out of its woods.

That is is a platform to showcase solid, world-class intellectual productions and contributions by African, and not our bleeding hearts. shall separate ”university orators” who reiterate extant knowledge from genuine scholars who advance knowledge.

Jimanze Ego-Alowes is the Curator in Chief and co-founder of


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